SHEFFIELD STEELERS: ‘I could only stand up for few seconds’: Danny Meyers

Smiling again: Danny Meyers at iceSheffield. Picture: dean woolley
Smiling again: Danny Meyers at iceSheffield. Picture: dean woolley
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CONCUSSION victim Danny Meyers aims to be back in Sheffield Steelers’ line up next long as he can avoid team-mate Jason Hewitt in the meantime.

The 29-year-old defenceman has been out since being flattened by a hit from Edinburgh Capitals Neil Hay on November 25.

But he hopes his head will have completely cleared for the back-to-back games against Dundee Stars on Saturday and Sunday.

He recalled: “I was caught by shoulder flush on the jaw and my legs just buckled, under me. At first I thought I had broken my jaw, I’d been hit so hard.

“I knew I was in a lot of trouble, although I was conscious all the time. The problem was my brain wouldn’t send signals to my legs.

“I felt very sleepy” said the former Nottingham Panthers skater.

“Fortunately (team-mate) Mark Thomas’ parents had made trip and drove me to Leeds and my parents picked me up from there and took me to Nottingham.”

Meyers was ordered by his doctor to take a complete rest.

“The first three or four days were tough, it was taking me hours to get out of bed, I couldn’t stand up any longer 25 seconds without feeling dizzy and groggy. Then when I came to rink and walked went past supporters they said I looked fine - ofcourse you do it’s a concussion!” said Meyers.

“No-one can see the injury - or see how scrambled I was in the brain, inside. It is frustrating; you feel fit and you don’t look any different or walk around with limp or a scar. But I had some pretty severe headaches. It wasn’t pleasant but it got better every day. And that kept my spirits up.”

Meyers could have restricted himself to off-ice conditioning during his rehabilitation.

“I would rather be on ice with the team than on the bike. I need to be around the guys for me to feel better. I don’t like feeling detached from the team, I like being around the players and in the room. I have got a full week of practice this week so I have got no doubt that Hewy (Hewitt) will run me through the boards like I am wearing a Panthers’ jersey. I’m used to that from Hewy anyway!

“But I will be back next week and don’t think my first concussion will affect my confidence. I don’t anticipate feeling nervous about being hit. The fixtures over Xmas are huge so I can’t allow myself to be that way.”