Sheffield Steelers home form down to ‘bad luck’

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Drew Fata admits that Steelers’ home record is decidedly average.

And with the impending arrival on Saturday of champions Nottingham Panthers, that is not an encouraging feature. But the positive is this: if you are going to turn around your Arena form, it’s not a bad opposition to do it against.

Drew Fata, Sheffield Steelers

Drew Fata, Sheffield Steelers

A win at home, followed by two points in the return match on Sunday, would go a long way to settling the concerns over team consistency.

Speaking on video at, the defenceman conceded: “We definitely do better on the road.

“At home I’d chalk it down to bad luck, we are working hard doing the right things, we just need a few things to go our way. Once we get one or two (consecutive wins) it’s going to be like a snowball effect, and the floodgates are going to open.”

Fata says confidence is not an issue with the players. “If you break things down minute by minute and shift by shift our puck possession is so much better than everyone else’s” he said.

“For some unknown reason, at home, we are not getting those bounces and there are only so many times you can say ‘It’s going to happen.’ But once it does, it is going to be here for the rest of the year. Hockey is a strange game, and it’s a game of inches and bounces and just the littlest things that can happen that makes it go your way. It’s a weird game and sooner or later, it will be our game.”

Fata regrets his side couldn’t deliver four points to coach Doug Christiansen last weekend. “We did a lot more positive things against Belfast than negative, there were a couple of breakdowns but they are the kind of thing that you have to deal with.”

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