Sheffield Steelers’ heavyweight fighter ready for action

Seconds out: Chris Frank is always ready to drop the gloves says Meyers.'         Picture: dean woolley
Seconds out: Chris Frank is always ready to drop the gloves says Meyers.' Picture: dean woolley
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CHRIS FRANK will become Sheffield Steelers’ most active fighter for the rest of the season - partly because nobody fancies dropping the gloves with his team-mate Drew Fata!

That’s the view of team-mate Danny Meyers, who is glad to have both men sharing blue-line duties with him at Sheffield Arena.

Last season, Frank, 26, fought the likes of Derek Campbell, Guillaume Lepine and Steelers’ own Colt King, when he played for Cardiff Devils.

Meyers, who was at Nottingham Panthers at that time, recalled: “Last year, our forwards were constantly complaining about how tough Chris is to be in the corners with and that he takes no prisoners.

“He has hung in there with every big fighter, he’s not afraid to mix it with anyone - a great addition to our team.

“He will be our most active fighter. Fats (Fata) has got a different role, he is lot more offensive, with more minutes on the ice. Fats could play strictly defensive, but the team has asked a different role of him, we use him on the Power Play as he has a big shot.

“Along with Roddy Sarich they are our main offensive defencemen, so we require more from Fats than stay at home tough defencemen.

“There are not many want to fight Fats, anyway” said Meyers. “Watch him closely - he is always asking people for a scrap but not many people do want to fight him.

“Pretty much every game he asks someone to go with him, but generally they turn him down. “Frank would probably not take not for an answer!”

Meyers added: “I have played against Frank both as a d-man and a winger and know what sort of competitor he is. When Finner (coach Ryan Finnerty) originally told me we’d got him I thought that was a good signing for us.”

The Great Britain d-man is also been impressed with Simon Ferguson, who joined the club recently.

“You can tell he has played in Europe, he skates so well. A lot of European players have a high calibre of skating and speed because rinks are a lot bigger so you have to skate a lot better.

“He has probably improved by that experience. He has a long stride, and wants to be on puck a lot, he is definitely a sound, puck carrying centreman.”