Sheffield Steelers have a big gap to fill

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Steelers official Dave Simms says he was surprised and disappointed by Jeff Legue’s decision to defect to Sheffield Steeldogs - and said he’d not picked the same team if he’d been in the Canadian’s shoes.

Legue had been a Steelers’ star for seven illustrious seasons before joining the “noisy neighbours” at iceSheffield, this Summer.

Jeff Legue - Sheffield Steeldogs prized capture

Jeff Legue - Sheffield Steeldogs prized capture

Simms said: “I found it tough to take hard to believe as a fan. He was an incredible ambassador for our club. A fantastic scorer, all time leading scorer in Elite league level.

“His combination with Joey Talbot will go down in history as one of the best of all time. Up there with (Ken) Priestlay, (Tony) Hand, and (Ed) Courtenay and all great goal-scoring combos.

“But the king is dead, long live the king. ‘Jeff Legues’ have left us before and we have recovered and carried on.”

Simms said that after some refection, he’d understood that security for Legue - he was married recently and has a child- had come first, and the award of a three-year “wedge of money” was not something any player could expect in the top level.

But the switch shows no sign of improving relations between Steelers and Steeldogs.

Simms said: “If I’d have been him I probably wouldn’t have gone to that particular club.”

Asked if he if relations could be improved with Dogs, Simms replied: “We are not the people to ask that, it’s the other people. I don’t worry about the relationship with them lot down the road.”

Simms said he was more interested in seeing who coach Gerad Adams would replace Legue with.“Gerad knows he has lost 30 goals and he has go to replace them. He has been very choosy and pernickety on the replacement for Steve Goertzen and Legue.

“But Gerad is a wily old fox and we have faith in him.”