Sheffield Steelers goalie enjoying break

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Frank Doyle had just ELEVEN minutes off work all season.

So it’s a fair bet that the Play Off winning Sheffield Steelers’ goalie is enjoying his summer break.

Frank Doyle - Sheffield Steelers

Frank Doyle - Sheffield Steelers

Doyle had a hectic schedule because of injury to back-up goalie Geoff Woolhouse, yet recorded more shut outs than ever before. Speaking on video at, he said his favourite moments of the season included games against Nottingham Panthers. “The first game against Nottingham was a big experience. Coming from a league that doesn’t have a ton of fan support I thought it was very exciting. We had close to 8,000 fans so that was the first highlight of the year. Winning the Play Offs is something that you dream about in hockey, not too many guys get that opportunity.”

Doyle said he was surprised by the passionate fans in England.

“The last time I saw fans like this was would be when I played in Germany. It makes going to the rink to play games that much more fun and it has been a great overall experience.”

He complimented arenas elsewhere in the League and said it was “a little bit of a shock coming here, I didn’t realise how big hockey was.”