Sheffield Steelers get the message over

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There is a message being subtly drip-fed out of Sheffield Steelers’ camp this week.
This League is different to any other - every game is competitive.

The club has been seeking to explain why, until last weekend, they had been unable to string victories together. And they have pointed to other big clubs who have been beaten by teams from the lower reaches.

Rob Sirianni - Sheffield Steelers

Rob Sirianni - Sheffield Steelers

The logic is only partly convincing, as Belfast, Dundee and Braehead have all won more games than Sheffield have and Coventry and Nottingham will overtake fourth placed Sheffield if they win their games in hand.

Nonetheless, forward Rob Sirianni, back to form with two goals in two games, insists we should be aware of League parity. Speaking on video at he said: “The League is not what it was in the past, you have got to give credit to Hull and Fife (last weekend’s conquest) they are not weak teams by any stretch of the imagination.

“They have 15-20 guys who compete, that’s the way hockey works. Whoever comes out and competes is going to win.

“It doesn’t matter if you are the Sheffield Steelers, Belfast Giants or Nottingham Panthers, you are not guaranteed to win on any given night.”

The Italian international reinforced the message: “There are a lot of good teams, I am not saying we are 100 per cent the best team. I think we can be the best when we play 100 per cent but I think there are going to be a lot of games where it comes down to a lucky bounce or who wants it more.

“There are so many teams that are in the race right now for the top spot that it doesn’t matter who you play, you are going to have your hands full every night.”

Sirianni has moved up to become Steelers’ third top scorer with 21 points in 16 games.