Sheffield Steelers’ French Canadian agitator heading back to action

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Pascal Morency knows he will have to pass his own game-time test to see if he is completely free of concussion injury.

The French Canadian has had a wretched time since joining Sheffield Steelers. He was injured in his first game, in September at Cardiff but could be back this weekend as Sheffield head to Edinburgh and Dundee.

Pascal Morency

Pascal Morency

Morency says the best test of how rehabilitated a player has recovered comes during a game when you either throw or receive a hit. “Then you have just passed a test” he said. “You get back in the play and you’ll see when you are in the traffic how you’ll feel.”

Morency said its not the first time he’s had concussion problems. “In the past I have been through some tough times. I have a lot of compassion for players that go through desperate times. It is not an easy thing to do. It is always challenging. But you always have to a purpose to better yourself outside hockey too. It is an important ingredient to not getting depressed.”

Morency, 32, who played in Austria and Slovenia before coming to Sheffield, said Steelers was “an exciting team to be part of.”

He said the chemistry was good and “everybody wants to win.

“It is fun to look forward and get back playing and be part of this hockey club.”

As for the possibility of a goal, assist or even a fight, he says: “I don’t necessarily put pressure on my first goals, assist, fight, it’s all going to come, just get out there and play game and do best I can and be alright.”