Sheffield Steelers: Don’t rule us out of honours

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Jonathan Phillips admits his Sheffield team’s mixed form has far from helped their title chances.

But the eight season Steeler says critics would be wrong to rule them out of the chase for honours.

Jonathan Phillips - Sheffield Steelers

Jonathan Phillips - Sheffield Steelers

“We are trying to work through this (inconsistency) and we will” he says.

“The league (standard) is good now, everybody is beating everybody. Yes we have lost way more games than we should have. We have made things hard for us now. But we are certainly not out of this thing, we just have to concentrate game to game, and pick up the points as we go.”

Phillips won’t shirk the fact that the club’s ride through 2013-14 season has been a bumpy one so far.

“Out of 120 minutes we kind of play for 105 or 110 and for 10-15 minutes we are just not playing, we are losing bad.

“It is something we are trying got work through and put our finger on. We have had players meetings with and without the coaches, this is something we have to find the answer to and pull together.”

Fitness is not a reason behind the team’s inability to win two consecutive matches, he said on video at the

“I don’t think I have ever been as good a shape as I am this year, Looking around the team it is evident fitness is fine. It’s just a mental thing.”

Steelers are in Challenge Cup action tomorrow at Hull, before hosting Fife on Sunday. The club website admits “victory is the only result that will satisfy” Arena fans.