Sheffield Steelers: Come back Colt!

Colt King during his time at Sheffield Steelers
Colt King during his time at Sheffield Steelers
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Sheffield Steelers have failed in a remarkable bid to bring Colt King back - the player they fired just 15 months ago.

The power winger was dramatically dumped by former coach Ryan Finnerty before the play offs in the 2011-12 season.

Finnerty didn’t like the effect he had on team-mates in the dressing room.

But Doug Christiansen, who replaced Finnerty after he too was fired, launched negotiations aimed at securing the return of the 30 year old Canadian, who played for Missouri Mavericks last season.

“I had a number of exchanges with Colt recently” said Christiansen.

“Colt is a player that loved Sheffield and seriously considered coming back. I thought he blended toughness and skill in a way that few players can.

“Colt has opted to stay in North America next season. It is possible he returns to Sheffield down the line but not in the immediate future. I am continuing to look for addition toughness to our line-up next season.”

King is the flavour of the month at Sheffield after helping influence his friend Ryan Meneo to sign for Steelers.

The Sheffield boss is flying to New York this weekend to attend the NHL Coaching Clinic and Draft.

“This is the third year in a row I have attended the clinic. The seminar is taught by NHL coaches. Previous topics have been player management, face-off plays, neutral zone angling, power play, penalty kill, nutrition, etc. I have learned a ton every year.

“In addition, it is a great place to bounce ideas off of other coaches. Two years ago, I spent a couple hours with Dan Bylsma, the coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was fascinating to hear his philosophies. I need to improve as a coach and attending this clinic is a way for me to do that.”