Sheffield Steelers: Coach slams fan abuse

Ryan Finnerty - coming out all guns blazing
Ryan Finnerty - coming out all guns blazing
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RYAN Finnerty came out fighting today.

The Sheffield Steelers’ coach’s job has come under scrutiny and the Canadian has been the butt of a host of criticial fan comments since losing the Challenge Cup final first leg.

Finnerty stormed: “Nottingham fans have every right to attack me, because of all the success teams I’ve played for have had in their barn.

“But some of our own fan base has hammered us and I have never taken such abuse in my life without battling back.

“Question marks are being raised, but they weren’t when I was a player, scoring and assisting in championship-winning games. I know what it takes to win titles; it is a process that doesn’t come all at once. I am tired of all the negativity.

“Yes, the result against Nottingham - who are team with no weaknesses - wasn’t what we wanted and emotion took over (disciplinary breaches.)

“Some changes need to be made in the Summer. But we have a great core of championship-material guys that we can build on. For the rest of this season, the stance is this: I will stick with my guys and we will go out and fight hard.”