Sheffield Steelers' coach insists goalie will be in shape for the weekend

Barry Brust will play in goal this coming weekend for Sheffield Steelers - ending some fans' speculation that he is not in the required physical shape.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 11:28 am
Barry Brust with fans: Pic Dean Woolley

The club's number one netminder did not play in either of the two EIHL games last weekend, his spot filled by trialist Rok Stojanovic.

That omission gave rise to a number of observations about the player's weight, on line.

But coach Aaron Fox says he will make his debut at the end of the week.

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Explaining his decision to leave Brust out against Manchester Storm and Cardiff Devils, Fox said: "He hasn't played a hockey game since February 2020 and only been on the ice four times (in Sheffield.)

"I had a goalie (Stojanovic) who was in pretty decent form so I just wanted to give him an extra week of game-type situations to be ready for the weekend.

"Barry is not overweight at all. He has always played big and heavy.

"He is around the same weight that he played in 2019-20 in Slovakia and Zagreb in the KHL.

"I know he is big, but there has never been an issue in Barry playing at the weight he plays at."

Fox said the training Brust would be doing this week would include scrimmaging sessions, two-on-twos, three-on-threes, small area games, and power play.

"We just need him to be able to mimic that a little bit more," said the team boss.

"Eighteen months being off the ice is a long time.

Evan Mosey has enjoyed a tremendous start to his Sheffield Steelers career

"You can have some goalie sessions throughout that period of time but that is not going to get you to be able to make the same game-type atmosphere that we need.

"That is why we brought Rok in.

"We knew we had a goalie that had been off for a while and we wanted to make sure we were protected.

"Rok has played well and I didn't see the upside of throwing Barry in there after four days of practice when we had a goalie that is playing pretty well.

"We'll take that extra week and let him get him closer to game form.

"I am not expecting him to pop into game form next weekend either, it is going to take him a little bit of time, it is different for goalies than it is for players.

"I am very confident and comfortable with the way Barry looks and that he will do the job that I am expecting him to do.

"He will play this weekend for sure."

Steelers fans are still on a high after back-to-back opening season wins.

As is skater Evan Mosey.

Sheffield were 4-2 down to Cardiff Devils on Sunday with six minutes remaining before rallying and taking the game into overtime, Mosey scoring the winner.

It was Mosey's fourth goal for the weekend - not bad for a utility player who was given defensive responsibilities in both games.

"It was a crazy game, the guys played unbelievably well," said Mosey.

"There were a few mistakes that we can correct but other than that it was nice to go out there and have a successful game, especially a come-back win against my former club.

"I will remember that one for a long time, let's put it that way!"