Sheffield Steelers coach faces tough call

Gerad Adams - judgement call
Gerad Adams - judgement call
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Gerad Adams will have to wrestle with the hardest decision of his short spell at Sheffield Steelers this weekend.

Steve Goertzen, captain, winger and inspiration to his team-mates, is now fit enough after concussion to challenge for a place in the side.

But with the club carrying one extra import - and riding on the crest of some decent form - he is not guaranteed to slot back in.

Adams won’t give away his line-up for the weekend games (Coventry, tonight, home, Hull away tomorrow.)

But he said: “I came here with a clean slate and everybody has played extremely well. Steve got injured at an awkward time and one when the rest of the imports were performing well.”

With Mark Thomas being re-introduced slowly after his injury, Adams will keep import Tim Spencer on defence which means Goertzen must compete for a spot purely with on-form forwards.

In a way, it is a good problem to have. Sheffield have only lost once since Adams has been in the city, so he will clearly feel some loyalty towards those who have responded to his leadership.

This week, Adams - who is currently living in the same lodgings he and Dion Darling shared 10 years ago - has been concentrating on improving his special teams.

“I want our Power Play to be a little more direct; I think we have been to much on the periphery. I want more shots on goal and our guys in front of the net. We have changed up the personnel in the hope we can achieve what we want, tiring out the opposition, gaining momentum off the PP and ultimately goals.

“The Penalty Kill has been good, but I want it to be great. Again we want to draw momentum off them and that’s we’ve been giving them more attention.”

Adams said he’d been delighted with the Rob Dowd-Nate DiCasmirro-Stefan Meyer combination saying: “Those guys have controlled games a lot of the time. They are very strong.”