Sheffield Steelers coach applauds goalie Josh

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Gerad Adams has cleared goalie Josh Unice of any blame for Sunday’s 4-0 defeat at Cardiff Devils and says he is confident he’ll see another strong performance from him tonight, at home to Edinburgh Capitals.

“While we didn’t match Cardiff’s desperation at the start of the match, none of the goals were down to him” said the coach. “He is playing extremely well.”

Josh Unice - Sheffield Steelers

Josh Unice - Sheffield Steelers

With Frank Doyle not far away from fitness, Adams will have a decision to make soon about who his number one netminder is. It is a choice which d-man Mark Thomas is glad he doesn’t have to make. “It is a very tough decision” said Thomas. “Josh has come in and done very well but at the same time Frank has been tremendous since he came here. He has been here two years and he has been one of the best, if not the best goalie in the League. I am glad it Gerad’s decision and not mine.”

As for tonight’s game, Thomas said: “We are hoping to come out in the first period and try and get a lead and establish our dominance. They have a few danger men. They went down a different line this year they have got a little bit of toughness and they play a slightly different style. There are a few guys there who are capable of putting the puck in the net.”