Sheffield Steelers choice endorsed by Blaisdell

Mike Blaisdell (right) and Dve Simms at Sheffield Steelers
Mike Blaisdell (right) and Dve Simms at Sheffield Steelers
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Mike Blaisdell - one of the most popular coaches in Sheffield Steelers’ history - has welcomed the club’s decision to recruit Gerad Adams to run the bench.

“I couldn’t be happier for Gerad that he is back in Sheffield and behind the bench of the Steelers” said the Canadian.

“He is the perfect choice. He knows the league, he knows the players and he is a players’ coach.

“I always tried to get the guys coming to the rink with a smile on their faces. He is the same, the guys will enjoy the drive to Sheffield Arena”

Blaisdell added: “He was one of the most competitive people I ever coached, he played hurt and shrugged off negativity to give me his all. If only all players were made like he was.

“He is the same as a coach. He won’t over-complicate things. He has a talented team in Sheffield, good players with many qualities.

“They won’t need a classroom teacher; they are all experienced professionals. Treat them like adults - and they will then give you everything they have” said the 54-year-old former NHLer.

“I’m excited for him. I know how good it is to coach in Sheffield and be successful. There is no place like it.

“Gerad is a quality person. This appointment tells me the Steelers are getting back to what won them so many championships in the past. He will make sure that the Steel is put back into Sheffield. It’s about time they won again.”