Sheffield Steelers boss tackles team’s “soft” play

Gerad Adams - Steelers coach
Gerad Adams - Steelers coach
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Sheffield Steelers have put their world wide web of agents on alert to try and find a player than can improve a line-up prone to lapses.

Coach Gerad Adams warned of “consequences” following Saturday’s big defeat at Coventry, where he accused some players of not caring.

He does not feel disposed to elaborating on that sentiment - but The Star has been told his club has made it clear to agents that they are “open and available” if suitable talent comes on the market.

Steelers played well, but lost on Sunday in Belfast, leaving a mixture of emotions for the coach.

Asked about his remarks about players not caring, he would not go into the numbers of guilty parties involved but said: “That was my perception about Saturday and I don’t withdraw it as it was the truth. We were mentally soft and lacking in urgency.”

Asked if he rollocked the side, before the Irish game, he said: “There was some awareness made after that Coventry game about consistency of approach. But given the short gap between the two games it wasn’t the time to get involved in talks with individuals. That will be happening this week.”

Adams knows he has got to walk a tightrope this week.

He needs to iron out the complacency - but needs also to harness a positive attitude ahead of Saturday’s big home match with the new league leaders, Nottingham Panthers.