Sheffield Steelers boss stages clear-the-air team talk today

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Gerad Adams will today spell out to his players that under-performing against the teams they are measured against is a sure-fire way of losing your job.

Last Saturday’s defeat at Nottingham Panthers led Adams to declaring players had “given up” towards the end of the game and he questioned the side’s heart.

Listen up lads: Gerad Adams will hold a briefing today

Listen up lads: Gerad Adams will hold a briefing today

Today Adams has to balance on the tightrope of driving home his demand for 100 per cent commitment, while avoiding spreading negativity in the camp.

Asked by The Star what he meant when he referred to “consequences” of having lost 7-2 at the NIC, Adams replied: “This is professional sport where jobs are on the line - that is not a threat it is a fact.

“This is not a new revelation: guys need to turn up against Nottingham as much as they do against Fife.

“We need more wins and better performances against the top teams, we accept that.”

Asked to clarify his suggestion that players had given up, he said: “It was an indictment of how they played. The players may have a different idea but to give up four goals in 17 minutes indicates a collapse by the whole team.

“It made me question a few things.

“Playing the bigger teams is our bench mark and we failed miserably.”

With matches against champions Belfast Giants and league-leading Braehead Clan ahead this coming weekend, Adams said: “Now they have to prove that they are big game players and show us that last Saturday was a one-off.

“If they don’t then, as I say, there may be consequences for them and for me, I am not putting myself apart from that terminology.”

Adams would not elaborate on his earlier suggestion that training standards had slipped last week - saying that particular issue would “stay internal.”

The coach is currently trying to wrap up a deal with an experienced, aggressive Canadian power forward who would bring “something we don’t have.” An offer has been made to him, he said.