Sheffield Steeler’s bitter-sweet memories

Shawn Limpright: unhappy with refs
Shawn Limpright: unhappy with refs
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Shawn Limpright is uncertain whether he wants to put himself through a second year of frustration at the hands of British refereeing.

The forward was one of Sheffield Steelers’ most consistent performers in the second half of an unsuccessful season.

And while he liked the club and its fans, he says the standard of officiating will influence his thinking about a possible return.

“The refereeing was frustrating. I have never seen it as bad as it is here. Most of them are bad, with Tom Darnell an exception, he did a really good job in our last game.

“Some of the others hold grudges on players and change the rules as they go along. Some don’t know th rules in the first place.

“They go by what the flow of the game is. If you’re 3-0 up they won’t give you a Power Play for the rest of the night.”

Limpright had “no problem” with the standard of the League in playing terms, although next year will see big changes at many of the clubs.

“There are some great players over here and it seems this League was one of the best for talent there has been for years. There is always a big turn over of players in any team in any league outside the NHL.

“That’s not always great for the fans, but it is a nature of the business.”

Limpright’s departure from the the UK was soured by a theft at his rented house in Sheffield. He tweeted: “Thanks to the kids of Manor Top for stealing my $600 video camera today. Took Ella upstairs, within 2 mins of getting back was already gone.”