EPL ice hockey: Steeldogs 4 Telford Tigers 5 (OT/PS) Bracknell Bees 3 Steeldogs 4

English Premier League
English Premier League
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Sheffield Steeldogs were pipped at home in a penalty shoot out, but managed a road victory at Bracknell.

Saturday presented the Steeldogs with a tough test against Telford- once again made all the tougher by missing key players.

With Mrna suspended and Palak and Kumeliauskas still injured, Greg Wood effectively only had two lines of forwards to play against the league leading Tigers.

Telford dominated possession early on but Arnoldas Bosas sprung their defence to open the scoring at 5.34.

James Hadfield faced an onslaught from Telford but kept them out and approaching half way Bosas popped up with his second goal.

The score flattered the Dogs but they looked like they could take that lead in to the final period but the Tigers offence clicked into gear with goals from Clarkson and Silverthorn tying it up.

Bosas completed his hat-trick at 47.15 but two goals in the following 65 seconds finally put Telford in front.

Hadfield remained busy but a late power play gave Sheffield the chance to bench him and go for it 6 on 4 - and that paid off with Liam Kirk scoring to send the game into over them.

The extra session was scoreless so the match was decided on penalty shots. Telford took the win but with a decisive goal from Matty Davies who had still been serving a penalty at the end of OT. Referee Andrew Miller decided this was ok despite many questioning the call.

Liam Charnock said: “We've done really well to get a point against Telford but it's tough to lose on penalty shots.

"We were running seven forwards all game. They are a team who move the puck quickly so we did well to keep up with that style of game. Penalty shots come down to the skill of the individual - we'll take the point.

“Bosas is unbelievable at the moment. He's got three goals tonight and he's playing like that every week - he's the guy who will get the big goals in the last couple of minutes. It's almost a given that he will do it and I’m glad he’s doing it for us!

“While it's good for me personally to be getting the amount of ice time that I am at the moment, I'm looking forward to our missing imports returning because with them in the team we are far more effective.

"We've played most of the season so far with a short bench and proven we aren’t a terrible team without them, we still compete in every game – just look at our last few results. But once these guys are back on the roster and we have all players in good health it will be like a luxury.”

Donatas Kumeliauskas returned to the line-up for Sunday's trip to Bracknell. The Bees on paper are a weak side and goals from Bosas, Hirst and a Kumeliauskas brace put Sheffield 4-1 up at 28.08. Bracknell though proved that there are no easy opponents in the EPL and they got the score back to 4-3 by the 40 minute mark.

The final period was a battle as the Bees tried to score and a tired Steeldogs team tried to hang on for the win.

It wasn't pretty but the Dogs dug deep and held on to finish the weekend with three points.

Next weekend they travel to Basingstoke on Saturday before welcoming the Milton Keynes Lightning to iceSheffield on Sunday at 5.30.