Sheffield Steeldogs’ result influenced by ‘dodgy’ refereeing call

Steeldogs ice hockey team
Steeldogs ice hockey team
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Sheffield Steeldogs came up against two rival goaltenders who were trained in the city - and ended up losing both times on home ice.

Dogs were beaten 1-5 at home on Saturday by Guildford with netminder James Hadfield repelling all shots apart from a single goal from Andy Hirst.

And they then went down 1-2 to Manchester, with Stephen Fone in top form.

Steeldogs were enraged at a match-defining incident involving referee Steve Wardell. A spokesman said: “The turning point came when Tom Squires broke through the defence only to be hooked by a Phoenix stick. The Steeldogs all stopped and turned to see whether the ref had called a penalty shot or just a penalty – however Wardell called nothing and to rub salt in the wounds, Manchester kept playing and scored.”

Lloyd Gibson claimed it was “one of the worst refereeing decisions ever, Tom was hooked around the neck. At the end of the game the ref was asked why it wasn’t a penalty, he replied that Squires was not in a goal scoring opportunity. A penalty shot is debatable, but it was definitely a penalty”.

Ben Morgan added: “We created the most chances in a game for a while, Fone had an amazing game. We were disappointed to end the first period 0-0 having had 18 shots on goal. We were sucker punched with the bad refereeing decision which lead to their first goal. We just couldn’t get the puck over the goal line. We created a lot of chances and we are going to try to keep going in that fashion”.