Ryan looking to Canada for his new Munn

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STEELERS are courting an All Star defenceman from the Canadian Interuniversity Sport League.

The club is hoping to use its links with the University of Sheffield to coax the player into filling the boots of Steve Munn, who has retired, or other possible departing players like Kevin Bolibruck and Jerramie Domish.

It is a part of a strategy that new coach Ryan Finnerty is attempting to use as he also offers contracts to Rod Sarich, and forwards Jeff Legue and Joey Talbot.

Finnerty has re-signed his British players, with the exception of Belfast-Giants-bound Rob Dowd.

But he has yet to start filling imports like the goaltender position vacated by Ervins Mustukovs. Captain Jonathan Phillips said: “A lot of first-year coaches would have raced into signing up (import) players quickly. It’s like your first time with some money in the sweet shop.

“Finner might come across as a easy going bloke who doesn’t take a lot seriously but we all know that he is a diligent hockey man who knows his business and will take his time making the right decisions. I know Ryan has made some offers. He wants some of last year’s team to return and that he is giving them time to make their decisions.

“He will also want to bring his own people in, guys that will play the game his way.

“We have our core guys back already, guys who know how to lead and how to win. He will find the missing pieces, the experienced guys and, as every team needs, the new young pups that will become the stars of tomorrow.

“I hope the likes of Legue and Talbot stay and play for us again.

“However, if they don’t Ryan will just have to find the next Legue and Talbot.”