Rivalry in the ranks at new-look Sheffield Steelers ahead of EIHL mini series

Competition for the best spots on the Sheffield Steelers' lines will be pretty intense, when the EIHL mini series action begins on April 3.

Sunday, 21st March 2021, 11:59 am

Steelers added 27-year-old American defenceman Kevin Schulze to their roster on Saturday and will announce another name on Monday.

It is an exciting time to be a new player to the roster - and those lower-profile names at the end of the recent draft pick list are just as enthusiastic as anybody to make an impact.

Aaron Fox, the Sheffield coach, selected the 21 year old Swindon Wildcats' forward at the back end of his recruitment.

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However, the energetic Hungarian believes he can showcase his skills at the top UK level.

Describing his own talents and mindset, he told The Star: "I like to make plays and create scoring chances but I also like to be physical and finish my checks.

"I will work hard on and off the ice to get a spot in the lineup."

While born in Budapest, Pakozdi played in the England U16s and U18s league while he learned his trade at the Okanagan Hockey Academy in Swindon. He has also played for the

Pakozdi Balint.

Hungarian junior national team.

"The Academy was a great experience for me, some of the best years of my life.

"It's a great programme and it helped me become the player and person I am today. I've also met some of my best friends there and I still keep in touch with my old coach Ryan Aldridge and now my

younger brother plays for him too."

Kevin Schulze.

Pakozdi is a big fan of Alexander Ovechkin and Washington Capitals. He plays for the ultimate frisbee team at Cardiff University during his spare time.

Meanwhile Schulze will play a big part in Sheffield's team play when the action starts against Nottingham Panthers.

"Kevin is a smooth skating offensive D-man” said Fox.

“He put up really solid numbers in Nürnberg last year in the DEL and logged big minutes. He’s really excited to play some games as he arrived in Norway just before they locked down, so he has been

practicing every day for two months without playing.

“I think Kevin will be a guy who runs our Power Play and is able to play in all situations. I’m looking forward to getting him into our group.”