Players will learn to respect new Sheffield Steelers coach

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New Steelers’ coach Paul Thompson has revealed he was “elated” when he found out Sheffield had re-signed Mathieu Roy to play for them next season.

The French Canadian was a revelation in 2014-15 and ‘Thommo’ said he was elated to work with the League’s Most Valuable Player: “He kills penalties, he blocks shots, he scores goals, he hits.

Paul Thompson, flying the flag overseas

Paul Thompson, flying the flag overseas

“He is the complete package, I am delighted he is back in a Steelers’ uniform for next year.”

Roy was an advocate of the outgoing coach Gerad Adams, and was shocked to see a parting of the ways with club.

But Thompson said he did not feel he had to repair any relationships between players and the club over the issue.

“I am my own man. I think once I get to work and they see how I work, the respect level will go both ways.

“I understand totally the feeling of the players towards their coach from last year.

“I have spoken to Mathieu, briefly, about plans going forward.

“He seems very happy to come back and continue his phenomenal form from last year.”

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