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A DUNDEE Stars fan has penned a letter criticising Sheffield Steelers’ “bully boy” tactics in the first leg of the Challenge Cup quarter final.

The Star is also under fire.

It comes before the two teams meet again in the defining match tonight - a game Sheffield say must include a highly physical edge.

The author has sent the letter to Steelers and the Elite League.

It’s certainly an unusual read - which is why, in a slightly edited form, we include it in our Steelers coverage.

Do you have a view?

“I am writing this email as I am disgusted in the behaviour that I witnessed by so called professional ice hockey players, this being Sheffield Steelers when they played Dundee CCS Stars on 24th of January at DIA.

I understand the game is a physical sport and there are hits made on players(both sides) but what I witnessed was nothing but thuggish behaviour!

Maybe if the referee had control of the game it wouldn’t have got so out of hand but when a team can attack the goalkeeper 3 times and get away with it then that says it all about how the game would turn out and the standards of referees.

I understand that Sheffield Steelers is one of the major teams in the league and have all the money and support but when it becomes so blatant that their behaviour on the ice goes unnoticed there is something far wrong as their thuggish behaviour has happened against other teams. Dundee along with Fife and Edinburgh do not have the money like Sheffield,Nottingham and Belfast but at least we make the most of what we have,therefore this does not give Sheffield the right to act towards the players on the ice as they do.

I would like to think you have seen the footage of the game in question, at the end of the game the Sheffield player starts on one of the Dundee players that then ends up 4 Sheffield players attacking 1 Dundee player.

Surely you can see the outrage fans have at this so called professional ice hockey players behaviour, if that was an attack in a street I’m sure there would have been arrests and charges made!

Also in the footage you can see how the referee had lost control of yet another game and does nothing to stop what is happening on the ice!

I am dreading what kind of game it is going to be when Dundee visit Sheffield as I have already seen on social networks that one of the Sheffield players is saying that they should get more physical, how more can they get when they use their bully boy tactics as it is! Also the coach is saying they have to stop Dundee goalkeeper as he is the main player to worry about, so was attacking him 3 times in the last game not good enough as Dundee still won the game!

Mr Finnerty is obviously proud of his team’s behaviour and then his remarks about score boards is just all mind games!

At the same time I do not see Dundee’s coach making any remarks in the press or on social networks but then Mr Finnerty has a record of this as he got fined for commenting on the referees.

I understand the local paper has to support the Sheffield team but they should look at the footage too before printing statements that can effect the next game, after all it is at home in Sheffield where I’m sure the Steeler fans will not make it easy for the Dundee fans or team going by what has been printed and said by Sheffield Steelers management.

I don’t think I will be the only one to complain about this game, I think fans of ice hockey will be outraged that a team can act like this and get away with it, while other teams in the league have been punished for the same thing.

I would like to think you will take the time and read my email along with any other emails that get sent relating to the same game, but I wouldn’t be getting my hopes raised.

Thank you

A disgusted ice hockey fan.