Old pal sets up Steelers signing

Ex-Steelers player Rhett Gordon
Ex-Steelers player Rhett Gordon
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You know that old saying, it’s not what you know but who you know . . . well the Steelers are having assistance signing their 2014-15 team from one of Gerad Adams’ good friends who also happens to be a former Steeler.

Rhett Gordon played for Steelers back in 2002-03 season scoring 10 goals and 22 points under Mike Blaisdell before heading to Europe and having a successful career in Germany and Italy.

Now an agent, Gordon is the man responsible for bringing new signing Mike Forney to the Steelers: “Rhett mentioned Forney to see in perhaps our first conversation after I landed the job here in Sheffield,” said head coach Adams.

“I think it’s a great help to both player and club when the agent knows our league. Rhett played couple of seasons ago for Nottingham so he has first hand experience of what is expected.

“Rhett places players all over the World but I think he remembers good times in Sheffield and that must help when we are in for one of his players. He has first-hand knowledge of the club and the city.

“He also knows what clubs expect of their imports here both on and off the ice, there is a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, so he knows the score.

“He works with Thunder Creek Sports who have an outstanding stable of players, so he is a good man to keep well in with.

“I am hoping that Mike Forney won’t be the last player from Rhett this season, we are lucky that in Sheffield we have good relationships with many different agents all over Europe and they all know our requirements for the remaining slots on the roster.”