Munn bids a sad farewell to Steelers

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STEVE MUNN has delivered a two-goal ‘goodbye’ to Sheffield Steelers fans.

The defenceman scored a unique double for the champions, as they confirmed the title in Sunday’s 7-2 win over Braehead Clan. Munn, the darling of thousands of Steelers fans, dedicated the goals to the supporters as he intends to retire at the end of the Play Offs, which start tonight (Dundee Stars, home, 7.30pm.)

“I haven’t scored two goals since I was about nine years old” laughed Munn.

“I have a lot of clubs in my bag that I don’t really bring out very often. I have a lot of tricks - a secret weapon, you know!

Munn, 32, said the last team for which he bagged a brace was probably ‘Esso Blues’ (a junior side sponsored by a petrol station in Saskatchewan, Canada.) “We had nine skaters, that’s three D, six forwards and a goalie! That’s probably the last time I scored two goals in a game.

“But this (title) is pretty special. This is probably it for me, this year. To win another championship, especially the big one here, in a place where my family really has been the happiest we’ve ever been, is really special.

“We are terribly sad to be leaving in a couple of weeks. To win it again, and go out on that note, especially with this group of people is just amazing. I have so many good friends here not just on the team but throughout the city. Sheffield will always be a special place for us.”

Munn said he had a few commercial “irons in the fire.”

“I am aggressively pursuing alternative employment. Nothing is impossible, I would never say never to coming back here. At the end of the day we are so happy here.

“It’s killing my wife to have to leave. And killing me. But I have a couple of degrees burning a hole in my pocket. I have got some pretty big ideas and ambitions for life after hockey. If things don’t pan out you might see me back here in August.

“I hope people in Sheffield have enjoyed me being here as much as I have enjoyed being here. That’s all I can hope for.”

Steelers won the title courtesy of having more regulation time wins than second-place Cardiff Devils, who had the same number of points as Ben Simon’s side. Belfast Giants came third, a point behind.

Meanwhile Sheffield owner Paul Ragan believes he is ‘close’ to re-signing Simon next season. Last week, The Star revealed Simon had not accepted terms put to him by the club boss. That remains the case.

But Ragan said: “I’m doing everything I can to bring Ben back here. His personal terms have to fit into the overall budget for next season as one thing I am not into, is financial suicide. But we want Ben back, and will be working with him to achieve that.”

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