Matt Greenfield says he is coping well with playing EVERY Sheffield Steelers' game

You would think the 2,147 minutes Matt Greenfield has played in Sheffield Steelers' league programme this season might be starting to tell on the goaltender.
Matt Greenfield, picture by Dean WoolleyMatt Greenfield, picture by Dean Woolley
Matt Greenfield, picture by Dean Woolley

But after facing 1,016 shots, the 28-year-old netminder seems more eager than ever to stop more rubber.

He says his body is holding up and warding off mental fatigue is the factor he has to be most aware of.

"You just do the best you can" he says.

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"I know it is a little cliched but I just try to take care of my business day to day, show up in practice, work hard and let the chips fall where they may when the games come and try to compete."

Asked if he'd ever had a season where he'd played so much, the American struggled to remember one, even in junior.

"I don't know if I expected to play every game in the UK, but it's been an awesome experience so far and I am definitely looking forward to keeping it going.

"The body is holding up good and I feel great."

He said the mental fatigue associated with a packed fixture list and long bus trips was difficult at times but he stressed: "I feel ready to go every night, the nice thing about being in your 20s is you are able to handle a bigger workload, so I feel great."

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He had sat out a couple of training games but was aware in serious play that every point was important in the "sprint toward the finishing line."

Greenfield said his job had been made easier by settled Steeler defensive pairings, for the most part of the season.

He said the way Sheffield defencemen ‘feed off each other has made my life easier; I give them a ton of credit’.

As for Steelers supporters, he said their input had been a major positive.

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"When you are playing for the Sheffield Steelers the expectation is to win every night.

"We have got the best fans in the league and when you see them pack out the building it gives you the chills."

In interviews with The Star this week, steelers' owner Tony Smith has been critical of some of his skaters.

But those barbs do not extend to his goalie, who has a 92.6 percent save ratio in the EIHL division.

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"All our players need to be as successful as he is," said Smith.

"He's a class act and I think he is one of our best goalies over the years.

"Greener is a great example to others; he turns up every night, never takes a night off."