Legue targets Steelers glory

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TOP forward Jeff Legue believes Sheffield Steelers possess “incredible” strength in depth and is optimistic about their chances of capturing more silverware.

Speaking ahead of the forthcoming 2012/13 season, Legue has paid tribute to Steelers head coach Ryan Finnerty and regards the squad he has assembled as the best he has ever known in his six years at the club.

“On paper, this side looks the best I will have played in and lets be honest I’ve played in a few really good ones including the championship and double winning sides a few years back,” he said.

“I think Finners has done a terrific job this summer recruiting players. I just don’t see a weakness.

“We have two great goalies, six strong D men and 11 forwards. The depth is incredible and the options we have must make us favourites. Bringing in two more experienced British internationals to go with the great group we already have means that when injuries come along we won’t have to panic. We won’t have to react, we will already have enough bodies to cope.”

“I love the game and I can’t wait for the new season to start,” Legue added. “There is something very special about this team; I will be surprised if at the end of the season it doesn’t go down as one of the best the club has ever put together.”