Legue has Panthers in his sights

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STEELERS playmaker Jeff Legue plans to take out his frustration on Nottingham Panthers tonight.

The Canadian had a rare off night in last Wednesday’s 3-0 win over Hull Stingrays, skating straight into teammate Neil Clark and smashing his stick against the wall in exasperation.

“It was just the way the whole game was going” he explained. “I couldn’t make a pass on the stick, nothing went right, you have them once in a while.”

Asked if he was planning to make Panthers pay tonight he said: “That sounds good!”

Legue believes Sheffield’s strong blue line will drive them to victory this evening at the Arena.

“We have a strong defensive corps. Our game plan is defensive and defensive teams win championships,” he said.

“They might score eight or nine goals but they are liable to give up six or seven. We’ve got a good system and I like the way we play against them.”