League contest will go to wire

Confident: Jerremy Domish says the title is not won yet.   Picture: Rik Rayner
Confident: Jerremy Domish says the title is not won yet. Picture: Rik Rayner
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THE LEAGUE championship will be a ‘photo finish’ with Sheffield Steelers’ defenceman Jerramie Domish unwilling to count either Cardiff Devils or Belfast Giants out of the race.

Six wins - including one tonight at home to Dundee Stars - will bring the Elite League silverware back to Broughton Lane.

But Domish is aware the Irish and Welsh are waiting in the wings for a Sheffield slip up.

Asked who he considers the most dangerous of the two nearest challengers, he replied: “Both Cardiff and Belfast are still threats, there are still eight games left and it’s going to go down to the wire. You can’t count anybody out. Any team can be beaten any night in this league.

“And when any team beats another things shift in the standings. We have put ourselves in a good position but it’s still open.”

As for today’s test against eighth-placed Dundee, Domish said: “We are going to take this in the same way we take every game. No matter who we play we’ll come out and play hard, it doesn’t matter if it is Dundee, Cardiff or Belfast. It doesn’t matter what the other team’s colours are.”

Domish said he thought the back to back wins over Cardiff Devils last weekend were “very significant.”

He said: “Taking points in their rink was a big accomplishment. It means we are in control of our own destiny. We are playing well, working hard, and I like to think we have a good flow about us. By no means is it over, but we are feeling confident and definitely pumping on all systems.

“There is no need to change or stress anything I think we should just continue our thought process and our work ethic and continue what we are doing.”

Domish had some spiky battles with Devils’ former Steeler Ryan Finnerty, last weekend.

Domish said: “Finner is a hard nosed player; I like to consider myself one. We battled hard and I respect him. But I don’t take notice who I battled with. I just try and play hard whoever it is.”