Jeff Legue can help drive Sheffield Steelers’s title defence says Paul Thompson

Jeff Legue - Sheffield Steelers
Jeff Legue - Sheffield Steelers
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Jeff Legue can still be a force in Elite League ice hockey, says Sheffield Steelers coach Paul Thompson.

The forward had a complicated season at times last year - he started it with the EPL side Sheffield Steeldogs, before coming back and playing predominantly in checking third line role.

Yet he still did his part in helping Steelers become the League winners with some significant goals...and that impressed Thompson.

“I’m guessing it was tough for Jeff coming back part way through the year” said Thompson.

“It’s hard coming in late and not starting the season with your team, especially when he had been in the EPL.

“His fitness levels and sharpness didn’t need to be at the same levels as he had with the Steelers and then bang, he is back and everyone expected the same levels from him, that’s tough to do.

“Taking all that into account he still scored 10 goals and five of those were game winners, he has always been known as a clutch goal scorer, remember who scored the league-title winning goal, it was Jeff.

“What I have to do is find two players that will help bring out that clutch goal scoring once again. It would have been easy for me to say thanks for everything Jeff but no thanks as I was looking to rebuild, but I think we are a better team for having Jeff in it. I have to do my job and find him the right guys, I have no doubt that he still has the tools” said the former GB boss.

“He wants to be a Steeler. He will have a hard pre season, in fact his pre season has already started. He is in the gym and working out now.

“I think we have the right mix of players throughout the squad, we have a couple more forwards to sign and we will bring in quality. Jeff will have good players around him, I understand that he needs guys on his line that compliment his skill set but also I will be demanding off him that he makes those guys better players as well.

“If both he and I do our jobs right he will once again be a threat night in, night out.”