Jeff is in a ‘Legue’ of his own

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JEFF Legue may have had a few sleepless nights when he heard his partner Joey Talbot was retiring from Sheffield Steelers.

But he’s sleeping soundly enough now...with new linemate Mike Ramsay picking up where Talbot left off.

Both have 11 points from six games and, along with winger Neil Clark, are seriously on form. And that’s been a relief for the Canadian number 11, in his fifth campaign with the current Elite champions.

“I’d like to think that I can play with anyone but I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t have a blast with Joey,” Legue said.

“We hit it off and that showed in how we played and the points we scored. When you have new linemates it’s only natural to wonder how things will pan out, but from the moment that Mike stepped on to the ice things have gone well.

“Then when you add Neil to the equation we have a line that does a lot of everything and can play in both ends of the rink.

“So we can score and we can play good defence as well.”

Ramsay’s style is a contrast to Talbot yet Legue sees many similarities. “At least Mike can keep up with me - it was a bit of a drag waiting for Joey,” joked Legue. “Mike’s speed is important; together we can generate a lot of things and hopefully hurt a lot of teams.

“Both Joey and Mike, though, were and are players that do everything well. Both skate well, both have great vision, both can score and both are were defensively responsible

“Mike has settled in to the team remarkably quickly and the three of us have found some chemistry right off the bat.

“I think you also can’t compliment Neil enough; people start off by talking about Mike and I but it’s Clarkie who’s leading our scoring. He is a great foil for us. He plays a physical role on our line, he drives the net and creates space for Mike and I to wheel.”