‘It’s hockey not rocket science!’

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Ice Hockey: Latest news, reports and more.
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Matt Stephenson says Steelers must learn quickly from their mistakes.

Title-hunting Sheffield are desperate for a win from tonight’s home game with Coventry Blaze (7pm) after losing last weekend to Belfast.

“If we play as a team we can beat anyone, that’s why it’s called a team sport,” said the defenceman.

“If we play as five individuals then we can be beaten by anyone including Coventry.

“It’s not rocket science, we must work harder and we must work together, do that and we will win this weekend and in fact most weekends.

“Coventry are in their own battle for fourth place with Cardiff, they will play desperate hockey because they will want home advantage on the play-offs in their series with the Devils,” said Stephenson.

“They will also see that we coming off a bad defeat and they will want to pounce, we have to be ready right from the start. I think we will, we have always reacted well after our few losses this season; we learn pretty quickly here.”