Ice Hockey: Woolhouse pays tribute to Steelers star

Geoff Woolhouse
Geoff Woolhouse
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Steelers players have a team-spirit forged by the adversity of poor early season results.

So says injured netminder Geoff Woolhouse, who believes the team is stronger mentally and in terms of team unity than any other in the Elite League.

“I do think this team is one that plays for each other,” he said. “Maybe the early season adversity bought us all closer together.

“It starts with (goalie) Frank Doyle. He isn’t a dive-around spectacular goalie. He is super focused and quiet.

“He just gets the job done. The boys love him and play hard in front of him.

“Look at how many shots this Steelers team block.

“I haven’t seen any Elite League team ever block shots like this team does.

“It’s not just you big D men doing it, it’s your skilled forwards as well. Sirianni, Legue and Dowd all block them.”

Woolhouse is a big believer in Doyle’s abilities.

“I was stood behind Frank in Nottingham watching and some of the saves he made were outstanding,” he said. “He is looking so confident and solid. His performance in Nottingham was great, the one the night before in Sheffield was a master class.

“He rightfully won the man of the match award, he should have won it just for the second period save against Matt Francis. It was a momentum-building, match winning save. How he got down and got the blocker over to stop Francis scoring I will never know.”

Doyle will be protecting Steelers net tonight, they host Hull Stingrays at iceSheffield at 7.30pm.

Hull beat Edinburgh Capitals 7-1 last Saturday, but were pasted 6-1 at Belfast two days later.