Ice Hockey: The man who jinxes Steelers teammates

Danny Meyers
Danny Meyers
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There will be no queue of teammates wanting to sit next to Danny Meyers in the Sheffield Steelers dressing room when he returns to the ice in the next week or so.

Not that injured Meyers isn’t a personable young man - he’s good company.

But, through no fault of his own, he’s turned out to be a bad omen who has jinxed several skaters who have sat next to him in the Arena locker room.

Meyers, who is making good progress from a groin tear, said: “Yes, there won’t be a rush to be my stallmate. In the last year I have sat next to Colin Shields, Cory Pecker, Danny Wood, Tom Sestito and more recently Rylan Galiardi... and they all left the club!

“I must have a curse in me, or something.”

Galiardi was the last to be despatched, last week, but Meyers thinks he was unlucky to have had to make way.

“It is not that he [Galiardi] wasn’t playing well; it was just that others who had come in like Rob Sirianni and Nate Dicasmirro came in and played exceptionally well,” he said.

“You can’t ignore it when a player (Sirianni) comes in and scores five goals in his first two games.

“When I saw Rob and Nate play together, I thought it was the first time that we had a genuine scoring threat on two lines. It’s been said for a long time that we’ve needed players who will take the onus off Jeff Legue from scoring and now we have it.

“Sirianni is a pure sniper. Rylan, perhaps, was more in the mould of all-round sound players such as Steve Goertzen, Stefan Meyer, or Jonathan Phillips. Sirianni is different- who would have thought one man man could be so dynamic and make such an impact?

“Rylan had a tough start - joining us late because of visa problems and it is a shame that it just didn’t work out for him.”

Meyers is having frequent physio and medical assessments and there is a chance he will be back to play in at least one of the three remaining games which will see import defenceman Gord Baldwin out serving suspension.