Ice hockey teams come in for Sheffield Steelers’ title-winning coach

Gerad Adams pictured during his 14-month term at Steelers
Gerad Adams pictured during his 14-month term at Steelers
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Gerad Adams’ sudden appearance on the jobs’ market has excited attention on both sides of the pond.

The former Sheffield Steelers’ coach, who will be replaced officially this week by owner Tony Smith’s ‘chosen one,’ has received some morale-boosting interest.

“I’ve had approaches from teams in the north American junior league, a team in Europe and one in the UK” revealed the championship-winner. But he also added: “After my contract was terminated by Steelers, it raised questions whether I wanted to stay in the game and I am keeping my options open.”

Adams said he has been moved by the support of his former players. “It’s been good, I have had a number of real positive messages. I had a very good relationship with the players, sometimes social but always professional. They have to be loyal and stay strong to Steelers but I appreciate their support and I have no ill will to the team.”

Adams did indicate that his removal from office had created a profound effect on his family.

“It has been a shock, I don’t think they quite understand it. Ironically it has been me having to calm people down, not the other way round!”

Asked when he thought the ownership had started thinking about replacing him, he said: “I had no idea it was coming, but maybe losing four games in a row at Christmas had something to do with it. But seeing that as a reason to force a coaching change is not a normal thought process, as far I can see.”

Some observers believe Adams paid the price for not communicating enough with Smith.

He said: “I met Tony every week in person, if communication broke down, well that’s a two-way street.”

Meanwhile, one of the possible candidates on Steelers’ head-hunting list is no longer available.

Sheffield had shown an interest in 55-year-old Jerry Andersson, who was head coach at Corona Brasov in Sweden last season. But he is moving elsewhere.