Ice Hockey: Steelers star opts to stay put despite approach

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Steelers were not officially approached by the team suspected to have been interested in coaxing Rob Sirianni to join them.

The Star understands the player was initially contacted without the Sheffield club’s knowledge.

Rob Sirianni

Rob Sirianni

Sirianni could have activated a clause to quit Sheffield within two weeks, free then to re-join his one-time Italian team Val Pusteria. But we believe Sheffield coach Doug Christiansen explicitly asked him if he wanted to leave and was reassured that was not the case.

Meanwhile Shefield’s former New York Islanders d-man Dustin Kohn is slowly heading back to action. Speaking on video at, the 26-year-old Canadian said: “I feel a lot better, most of my symptoms are close to being gone.”

Kohn’s symptoms have been varied: “My heart-rate gets up and I get headaches but I am almost at full-practice stage,” he said. A third concussion would be disastrous for Kohn. He reflected: “I was unlucky at the beginning of the year with a car crash, and unlucky the second time, (collision with the boards) but protocols are in place to get me ready to get back.”

That won’t be this weekend, when Steelers play at Belfast Giants (tonight) and at Coventry Blaze tomorrow.

As a spectator, Kohn says he likes to “analyse the game.” And his time off the ice has given him chance to enjoy watching the skills of Jeff Legue, who is in hot form. He admires Legue’s “hockey sense”: “He’s the guy you notice by the plays he makes, the passes, the fact he’s such a good shooter,” he said.

“Any league you look at, the best players have skill, playmaker ability but the number one thing that makes them so successful is their work ethic.”

Asked if he had a message to anybody who had written off Steelers’ title hopes, he said: “There are a lot of games to be played and the team is working hard every day to get better and we hope we can continue doing that.”