ICE HOCKEY: No-one will want to face Steelers wing duo - Thomas

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MARK Thomas believes Sheffield Steelers will feature the line no one wants to play against next season.

“Can you imagine a line with Tylor Michel and Jason Hewit on it?” asks the Steelers defenceman, of the two combative, trouble-causing wingers.

“You just wouldn’t want to go out and play against them. It’s a double act I’m looking forward to seeing.”

Thomas thinks GB team-mate Hewitt, who like new import Michel is at his best when he is agitating, has a personal challenge ahead of him after last season.

“He puts so much pressure on himself. He didn’t have a bad year last season but I think he thought he wasn’t at his best.

“The year before he scored goals early and the confidence he got from that drove him on. Last year he didn’t get those early bounces,” said Thomas.

“I have never seen him as motivated as he is now, there is a dark look in his eye that says he is all about business which is good news for us and bad news for those he will want to take it out on. I always want him on my side. He wants to win and nothing is going to stand in his way”

Thomas says Hewitt is in the shape of his life, too: “He didn’t give himself any time off this summer. Once he was back from the World Championships he was in the gym and working out.

“Hewey doesn’t back down from anyone, he has a huge heart and he will do anything for his team mates. He just wants to get started, get back to the rink and play again .”

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