ICE HOCKEY: Esders is gunning for goals and assists

Lee Esders
Lee Esders
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LEE ESDERS hopes Sheffield Steelers will eradicate their “weak link” in the coming season.

The 23-year-old Yorkshire winger believes his side were guilty of not shooting accurately enough in the 2011-12 campaign.

“Last season our weak link was we didn’t shoot enough, particularly on Power Plays” he said. “And when we did, to often it was at the goalie’s chest or we allowed him to cover up quickly. If you don’t shoot enough, you’re not going to win and shooting accuracy is something I’ve been working on this Summer” said Esders, who has been training with Hull’s Kingston Jets.

Esders admits he was sometimes indecisive last season. “At the last moment I’d have second thoughts about making a pass or shooting. But if I am going to improve on points production - and that’s my aim- then I need to shoot more.”