I won't be doing that again: Jeff

STEELERS' star Jeff Legue has revealed how he had to undergo an exhausting one-man punishment detail as pay-back for his recent explosion of temper during an important Elite League game.

The Canadian earned a two match ban after abusing a linesman and hurling equipment around during the home defeat by Cardiff Devils.

Coach Ben Simon was furious with him for losing his rag - and got his revenge with a 'bag skating' drill - repetitive, strenuous sprints up and down the Arena ice.

The Canadian forward was back in the side for the 9-0 thrashing of Newcastle Vipers, bagging a brace with a typically commanding performance.

Referring to the earlier flashpoint incident which led to his suspension, Legue said: "A group of things happened that night and it all snowballed into that frustrated scene - but it's something I won't do again! I apologised for it. It was something I took in my own hands when I shouldn't have.

"I got bag skated for it, on my own. It was blue line back, blue line back, blue line back - you have to do it under 48 seconds. If you manage it twice you don't have to do again. It doesn't sound much but it is on an Olympic (sized) sheet!"

Legue accepted it was a just punishment dished out by his gaffer. "Nobody wants to be taking things into their own hands as I did" said the 29-year-old.

"Being one of the older guys here I shouldn't have displayed myself like that."

Legue, second top scorer with 28+26 (54 pts) in 36 games, recognised the scale of the wins over Newcastle and Edinburgh Capitals (18-1) was hard to take for true supporters of the sport.

Crowds want some level of parity, he said after the Vipers' game in which home goaltender Ervins Mustukovs had only 13 saves to make.

"They want a competitive game. But as far as we are concerned we have to play hard whoever it is.

"The coach has drilled into us not to take any back seats on shifts, we have a full line up so it was good that everyone is going hard."

Steelers, who slipped out of the Challenge Cup because of the draw between Cardiff and Nottingham on Wednesday, host Belfast on Saturday.

*Look out for an intriguing Steelers' story in Saturday's Star.

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