I’m not sheriff, says ‘Colt 45’

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STEELERS’ new heavyweight winger says there is more to his game than being the team’s “policeman.”

Colt King arrived with a reputation for dropping the gloves and his choice of the number 45 (Colt 45 is an American semi-automatic pistol) enhanced the suggestion that the player would base his game around aggression.

King, however, hasn’t taken a penalty minute in his three league games so far.

The 28-year-old Canadian said: “I don’t put myself in the category as a policeman or enforcer. I think I have a little more to my game than that.

“I am not going to turn away from trouble and I will stand up for my teammates. But there is a time and place for it. While I might have a reputation that has followed me around I would rather be known for scoring goals.”

Asked if he liked to fight, the 6ft 2in Canadian replied: “I don’t think anybody likes being punched in the face.

“But it is part of the game, for sure. If it happens, I accept it.”

King says he enjoys the make-up of his line with Jason Hewitt and Ashley Tait.

“‘Hewy’ got the nickname ‘British Bulldog’ for a reason - he is a gritty player while Tait has skill vision and a great shot. We have been together as a line from day one and I hope we can keep things going. We have a talented group of players and if we can continue to dictate the pace of games we can control what happens.”