How two Mancs fell in love with Steelers

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2005 was a great year for the Steelers, but if you check the records you will see that the club was devoid of trophies

It was a season that saw three different coaches: Paul Heavey, Dennis Maxwell and Dave Whistle. A year of conflict, so how do we judge a great year?

Well it was the season that two young fresh-faced Manchester lads came to the club. Previously coached by Maxwell in London, ge brought them to Sheffield to see that season out.

10 years on both Mark Thomas and Jason Hewitt will be celebrating testimonial seasons with the Steelers.

“I don’t think either of us could imagine being here for 10 seasons,” said Thomas, who will celebrate his testimonial year this coming season whilst Hewitt will enjoy the same honour the following year. “I guess I signed first so I get to have next season,” joked Thomas .

“I know Hewey will be there for me next year just like he has been there for me and the whole club this past decade. I will be right by his side the following year.

“Who would have thought it, two Mancs who fell in love with a club in Sheffield.”

Hewitt and Thomas started with their home town club in Manchester but quickly moved on. “I think that helped develop us both,” said Hewitt, “We were happy to leave home and go and learn our trade. For us it meant London and Dennis Maxwell.

“A lot of people criticised Maxwell but Mark and I won’t have a bad word said about I’m. We both owe him a lot, both in London and for trusting us enough to bring us here to Sheffield

“There is no better feeling than playing in front of around 5,000 people at the Arena, knowing they support you, knowing that they know how much you care for the team and the club.”

Thomas added: “Players come and go.I guess we are the older statesmen now alongside Jonathan Phillips. Some say we police the side. I wouldn’t go that far but we do remind newcomers what the club is all about and its history.”