Handy Frank is ready to fight for the Steelers’ cause

Chris Frank takes on Guy Lepine
Chris Frank takes on Guy Lepine
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CHRIS Frank will be ready to drop the gloves tonight, if he thinks his fists can help hand Sheffield Steelers victory at Coventry Blaze.

The blue-line bruiser took on Nottingham Panthers heavyweight Guillaume Lepine recently in an attempt to send a charge through his team-mates.

Frank went for the 6ft 4ins rival straight from the face off at the start of a period, although it was not something coach Ryan Finnerty knew was going to happen.

“We needed a spark and Frank took it upon himself to bring it,” revealed the coach.

“He pulled Jorgy (James Jorgensen) off and asked Lepine to go. I have never asked any player to go out and fight and I didn’t ask Frank. But we needed a change of tide and I thought he did great, all power to him.”

Finnerty has been pleased with the ex Cardiff Devils-d-man, since signing him in December.

“He is a heart and soul kind of guy, a good addition both on and off the ice,” he said.

“He likes to bang bodies around and is useful to us whether it is up front or on point.”

Frank is a Play Off player - the type you want in the trenches when the post-season tournament swings underway at Coventry tonight and at sold-out iceSheffield tomorrow.

As is Simon Ferguson, of whom Finnerty says: “He has been our best player, or up there, in the last few weeks.

“The bigger the game, the better he plays.”

Finnerty believes it is time his team give him 60-minutes of non stop commitment tonight.

“We haven’t done that since we won 8-3 in Coventry,” he said. “We will go in there confident we can beat them again and that will help us.”