Good Lord: Sheffield Steelers' recruit reveals incredible religious experience

Sheffield Steelers' new British goaltender has given an insight into his spirituality - and has spoken of the moment he says he was in the presence of Jesus Christ.
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Scotsman Angus Laing, 24, recalled how he turned to God at a low point in his life when he was studying and playing ice hockey in the US.

Since then, he says, he has been rewarded with life-enhancing opportunities - most recently, signing a pro contract in the EIHL.

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But there have been personal challenges, too, like having to leave his student girlfriend Andrea behind in the US, for a year.

Angus Laing and Andrea, "the love of my life"Angus Laing and Andrea, "the love of my life"
Angus Laing and Andrea, "the love of my life"

In the coming season, Laing will compete for a spot between the Sheffield Arena pipes with imports Matt Greenfield and Tony Morrone.

It's a big task, but he knows he can develop in Sheffield and will closely analyse how professional athletes go about their daily business.

The Paisley-born netminder was previously on the Sheffield junior hockey scene (2015-17) before taking a scholarship at Williston State College, North Dakota.

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Two years there and another two at the Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska, brought troubled times.

Angus LaingAngus Laing
Angus Laing

He slumped into bouts of depression before a final year at the East Texas Baptist University.

In his own words, this is his story:

"I've always been someone who questions my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

"When I was in Sheffield last time, I was not a faithful person, I was pretty self-centred, I was not doing something for somebody else unless there was something in it for me.

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"I went to college in the States and found those years really tough.

"Mentally it was not a great time. I fell into deep depression but then got a call from an old team mate who was assistant coach at East Texas Baptist University. He told me: 'Something tells me you have to come here.'

"He knew I was struggling.

"That organisation brought me out of a really deep hole, they were so loving and caring."

Laing spoke of a moment when he said he was visited by Jesus.

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"I had reached a dark time at Midland. I was getting demonic nightmares.

"That was a really scarey time of my life, I didn't want to go to bed, or wake up knowing that you have to go to bed the next night.

"One night, I was in a house off-campus in Nebraska and it felt like I was being sucked away from my own body. I was paralysed in bed and couldn't move.

"It was like something was taking your soul out of your body.

"But in that one vision, Jesus Christ cast away my demons.

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"He was right in front of me, in a white light you cannot even start to explain.

"I saw Him from the back, I saw His hair, His outline, I saw His white garment.

"He stood in between the demon, or whatever you want to call it, and myself.

"He didn't have to say anything but that demon ran in terror, and it stopped right there.

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"He had cast it away and I could then put on the armour of the Holy Spirit."

Laing says his faith has made several telling interventions in his life and career.

He recalled applying for hockey jobs in the ECHL, SPHL and Federal Prospects Hockey League in the US, but had been rejected.

"One day I wrote a prayer, saying: 'God if you are watching over me right now I need a miracle.'

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"He made himself present. And a week later I signed my contract with Steelers!

"There have been multiple other things evident where He has felt what my heart desires and a lot of times said: 'No, that's not my plan for you not getting that. All glory to God, 100 per cent."