Goalie’s form is no surprise to Steelers stars

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JOHN DeCaro’s improved form has driven Sheffield Steelers to the top of the league.

But his quality in goal hardly comes as a shock to his buddies in the dressing room.

Winger Jason Hewitt says: “It is no surprise to us at all how well Johnny is playing.

“He has taken a lot of heat, recently. He is a quiet guy who acts though it doesn’t bother him but I am sure it does.

“We (the players) are behind him, the ownership are behind him, and we are top of the League right now. (Two points clear of Belfast Giants, who won 4-0 in Cardiff on Thursday.)

“Playing as well as Johnny did in that massive game at Nottingham in front of 7,000 people will have helped his confidence.”

Forward Colin Shields added: “He is big goalie and his pads take up so much space that forwards have to take ‘bad’ shots - they think you have to shoot right away.

“He has had a boost in the last two wins and that will roll on into this weekend.”

Steelers host Nottingham Panthers tonight and Sheffield defenceman Danny Meyers is keen to distance himself from his old club.

“I’m no longer the former Panthers’ Captain Danny Meyers, and I’m the Steeler Danny Meyers,” says the 29-year old d-man.

“I was a committed Steeler from the day I arrived here, I think some other people, fans, former team mates and even the media have been trying to harp on about the past where as I’m all about the future.

“I hope after last Saturday’s game in Nottingham and tonight’s game here against the Panthers we can exorcise all conversations about my Nottingham connections and I can get on with playing for the Steelers and winning championships.

“Nottingham will come in here looking for revenge, they will be hurt from last Saturday’s loss.

“But in the same way we are confident and are playing well.

“Sure they have made a couple of big signings this week. Guy Lepine may or may not be here but their NHL “lock out” guy Anthony Stewart has a great resume and of course he will be looking to make an impact.

“We have enough good players of our own here as not to worry about any of Nottingham’s.”