Gloves are dropped in Dogs’ defeat

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Steeldogs scored seven goals but still lost to teams both above and below them in the English Premier League.

But the Sheffield side gave Bracknell Bees (6-5 loss) and league-leaders, Manchester Phoenix (2-5), a fright by taking early leads.

The Bees game featured two side competing for the last play-off spot. The first goal came from Janis Ozolins with a second from Chris Sykes. A fight between Sheffield’s Lewis Bell and Bracknell’s Terry Miles plus roughing penalties for Andre Payette helped set the tone.

A goal from Stuart Brittle was sandwiched between two from the Bracknell imports. Steeldogs looked down and out as the Bees went 6-3 up but ensured an exciting finish as they fought back with goals from Payette and Johnson.

On Sunday, player coach Payette delivered his promise to deal with “unfinished business” from a previous meeting. It took eight seconds for the gloves to fly, with Payette and former Steeler Andrew Sharp clashing in their first of three in the evening.

Steeldog took the lead with a back-hand flick by Lloyd Gibson. Ozolins doubled the score with a trade-mark goal but Manchester got on top and round two of Payette v Sharp taking place, another even bout being declared.

When Payette hit Sharp from behind on the boards, the third round of the night’s main attraction erupted, with Payette finally the clear winner.