Give my players hell, says owner

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STEELERS owner Tony Smith has slammed his players, saying he hopes that coach Ryan Finnerty gives them hell in training this week.

Smith was seething at the way Sheffield capitulated against Nottingham Panthers on Sunday.

“We worked our backsides off to fill the building - 6,000 fans turn up, but the team don’t,” he said.

“Finner (coach Ryan Finnerty) knows my feelings and has given assurances this was a one-off.

“I have no sympathy for the players - they are well paid, well looked-after and treated like gods by our supporters and this is what they give in return.

“I hope Finner skates their backsides off all week and that they have the good manners to apologise. Our fans work long and hard to pay for tickets to watch the Steelers and this is what they get.

“When the fans don’t turn up the players get upset about the ‘poor crowd’, saying: ‘where is the crowd tonight?’

“Imagine how the crowd felt when the team failed to turn up.”

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