Fretz could be new Sheffield Steelers star

Sheffield Steelers: larking about before the challenge begins
Sheffield Steelers: larking about before the challenge begins
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It isn’t easy predicting what the new Steelers’ class of 20145 will look like tonight.

After all - even the Sheffield coach himself isn’t completely sure.

Restricted ice time has meant Gerad Adams and his re-built roster have only had three hours practice before tonight’s friendly with Coventry Blaze.

However, we can assume the centreman across the three lines will be Mike Forney, Tyer Mosienko and Jay Latulippe.

It is safe to suggest Latulippe will have Jonathan Phillips and Jason Hewitt on a third formation, with Phil Hill spotting in. After that, it’s anybody’s guess.

Rob Dowd may be envisaged as a second line winger - so we could perhaps see him with Mosienko and Mathieu Roy.

That would leave Forney centring Colton Fretter and Pascal Morency.

With such an array of potential riches, fans may find it hard to keep their eye on one particular newcomer.

But if they do, it’s a fair bet that might be right wing Fretter.

‘Fretz’ scored 36 points in 46 in the excellent Austrian league last season and didn’t find it hard to find the net in Germany, Switzerland and Italy too.

Adams said: “With his resume, he may be the instant attraction for fans but he will be for other teams too, who will give him a lot of attention. But I don’t think that will bother him.

“He is a shooter, nothing fancy, just direct.”

Forney should become a favourite, too. He has scored points in Norway, Austria and has lit up the ECHL.

In 2012-3, he scored 51 points in 53 games for Colorado Eagles.

In the previous years it was 66 in 66 at Gwinnett Gladiators.

Mosienko should also be a blur of action: fans will see him on the penalty kill and he has a high success ratio on face offs.

Adams said his new forwards had both experience and a high skill level.

Certainly, he is hoping for more goals from the team, compared to last year.