Final showdown for Legue’s line

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Steelers’ final assault on the Elite League title this weekend could hinge on the opposing team’s success or failure in dealing with Sheffield’s dynamic line of Asley Tait, Jeff Legue and Joey Talbot.

The formation has been in scintillating form recently and contains all the attributes Sheffield will need if they are to win both games against Braehead Clan and ensure the right to lift the championship trophy. The trio are the three top point scorers in the league leading club. But it’s their individual character and all round game that makes such an impact, say their team-mates.

Skipper Jonathan Phillips says: “They are playing really well right now and although they have so much firepower they are really solid when it comes to playing defensively.

“They have put up the numbers over the years and you always see them not only in the big games, but week in, week out.”

Defenceman Kevin Bolibruck added: “You cannot say enough about the experience this line brings to us and the affect it has had and hopefully will have this weekend.

“Leggy and Joey have played together so long and know exactly where each other is. Ash is one of the best players in the league and has been for years.”

Legue and Talbot are particularly deadly on the Power Play - they have shared 33 goals between them, so far this campaign.

And that has helped Sheffield top the division in power play goals, with a 23 per cent success rate.

Another interesting statistic is that while five other teams in the league shoot more than Sheffield do, Steelers have the best ratio of shots-to-goals.

Meanwhile, Aladdin 20/20 Cup winners Braehead go into the weekend on the back of a 6-1 league win over Hull Stingrays on Tuesday.