Do not pass the buck...or the puck

Outstanding: Jeff Legue
Outstanding: Jeff Legue
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CUT out the fancy stuff and shoot on sight.

That’s the view of Steelers’ inspirational forward Jeff Legue as his team prepare for the visit of Nottingham Panthers on Sunday - the rivals who have suffocated the Sheffield offence three times this season.

Panthers have conceded just twice in three wins over Sheffield

Legue says: “We have got to shoot more, we are trying to pass too much, giving up good quality shots, we have to get the puck to the net and go for rebounds. We have got to score more goals to make things happen.

“We’ve had lots of chances against them, so far but they have a good defensive corp and a good goalie and we have to find a ways of getting round that and penetrate them with our speed.

“Generally, we are getting chances, sometimes they all go in sometimes none of them go in. We are just going to have to work harder and see what happens.”

Legue has been outstanding so far this season overcoming the retirement of his favourite attacking partner in Joey Talbot, to lead new team-mates and old colleagues alike.

He said: “My mentality at the start of the year was to work hard every game and when you do, things happen for you.

“I just try and relay that on to the other boys. When we all working hard together we can beat teams 6-1, 7-1 we just need to bring it every night. That’s the plan for each game.

“This is my fifth year and I know what I have to do to be successful in this league, the thing is not to be complacent and work hard.”

Asked about the likelihood of returning for a sixth year, the Canadian smiled: “I’m a year-to-year to guy, you know that.”