David Simms Sheffield Steelers ice hockey column: We've delivered best value for money package in the league

So you can plan your next 9 months, the Steelers fixtures are out.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 12:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 1:56 pm
Aaron Fox - Sheffield Steelers head coach

Once again the Steelers and the Fly DSA Arena have worked hard to come up with a balanced schedule. More Saturdays, more weekends, fewer midweeks and those Wednesday night games we have fall outside the season ticket with the club just charging £5 admission.

I know you might called me biased and I guess I am, but I don’t think anyone can moan at that. It’s head and shoulders the best value for money package in the league.

Many years ago when we had to have more mid week games you the fans told us you didn’t like them and it caused you to stop having season tickets. So we changed, we moved many of those Wednesday night games out of the ST and to ICE Sheffield on weekend dates.

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Then you told us you didn’t like ICE Sheffield so we worked with Dom Stokes at the Arena and came up with this £5 midweek deal. It benefited everyone, the Arena got more games, you moved back into the Arena, our home and of course the £5 ticket, well everyone loves those.

This year as well as midweek £5 games we will be having a £10 weekend, yes two weekend games on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September, games against Guildford and Glasgow. Your £10 ticket covers both weekend games.

The Steelers will push this weekend like never before as we see it as a way of encouraging new fans early in the season, I don’t think any event on that weekend will give so much entertainment for so little in terms of hard cash. Two great games in an incredible facility for a tenner.

Let’s move onto the ice, big news is coming, some new signings have been made and will be confirmed shortly. We have one more to make to complete the roster, we will be signing 15 imports for the 14 places.

When the final piece of the jigsaw is complete you will see where we are going and what our plans are. Exciting times though.

The busiest man in the organisation right now is Shaun Smith, work permits, visas, its a time consuming job but he is the best in the business and we will be ready come the start of the year.

One thing that came up with the fixtures. Steelers Vs. Manchester Storm on Boxing Day, most fans expected the Steelers would play Nottingham Panthers on that day. The game against Nottingham will now take place on New Year’s Day.

The reason is simple. Sheffield and Nottingham couldn’t find suitable dates. Both Sheffield and Nottingham had the 26th December available but neither the 27th at the time the fixtures were agreed.

Therefore this is what works best for all the clubs. A Christmas with the Storm and a New Year with the Panthers. It works for me, hope it does you too.

Our pre season games begin on the 17th and 18th August at ICE Sheffield Vs. HK Poprad. Then to the Arena and Budapest on the 24th.

Competitive games commence on Saturday 31st August, a Challenge Cup games against Nottingham Panthers – what a start.

By next week I think you will see the completed Steelers squad, Aaron Fox seems delighted with it, he has worked hard and moved in many different ways to put this group together. I’m excited, you should be too.